• Historic Replication

    HISTORIC REPLICATION of properties always presents unique challenges. Our solution driven approach meets the complex demands of both architecture and construction professionals. We work closely with historical preservationists to ensure adherence to standards. FRC’s long history of providing fenestration solutions to historic buildings will give you the confidence you need to tackle these exacting projects. Our longstanding relationship with our manufacturing partners allows us to match products, processes, and performance to historic requirements.

  • Replacement & New Construction

    RESTORATION often presents hidden obstacles demanding special attention and creative solutions. FRC’s long history of dealing with these trials can add the experience needed to complete your project on time and on budget. CODE COMPLIANCE and LEEDS APPLICATIONS knowledge allows our team to help yours. Our design group can help you achieve creative solutions for those hard-to-fit openings while maintaining the desired site lines and building codes. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to optimize the quality and look of your restoration.

  • High Performance/Energy Efficiency

    HIGH PERFORMANCE/ENERGY EFFICIENCY in the competitive marketplace requires flexibility and efficiency. We can build your advantage, ensuring the precision and performance you expect. QUICK QUOTE turnaround, SHOP DRAWING evaluation, and FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING ensure success. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has standardized energy efficiency for window manufacturers which includes U-FACTORS, SOLAR HEAT GAIN COEFFICIENTS, VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE, AIR & WATER INFILTRATION and CONDENSATION RESISTANCE.

  • Blast Mitigation

    BLAST MITIGATION provides protection against terrorist acts for all inhabited Federal and first responder buildings, which are those facilities that must remain mission operational during periods of national crises (UFC 4-010-01). At the state level, Colorado codes must also provide for the safety of facilities in the marijuana industry. Let our team assist you in providing protection through glazing, frame design, and anchorage. We can also assist with specifications, design loads, stand-off distance, structural systems and compliance.

  • Acoustic Solutions

    ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS will not only increase your occupants’ satisfaction with the property, but it will also gain you LEEDs points in your “green” rating. The FRC team will work with you to ensure minimizing external noise by maximizing the STC rating (Sound Transmission Class – the higher the number, the better). Upgrade your tenant or guest experiences, particularly on lower levels, by reducing city noise and distractions, and create an environment that’s comfortable and energy efficient.

  • Think Green

    GREEN thinking can make your project a win-win for the owner, the occupants, and the environment. Windows and doors as well as the entire building envelope contribute to “greener” commercial buildings. GBI (Green Building Initiative) offers Green Globes certification programs for commercial buildings. USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) is the world’s most widely used and recognized green building rating system, LEEDs.

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