From a GREEN building standpoint, windows rank second only to the design of an HVAC system in overall technology and complexity.  Heating, cooling and lighting consume 67% of all the electricity that’s generated.  High performance windows and doors can offset large amounts of heat loss, increase u-value and visible light,  and  lower overall R-values on the building envelope.  Correct installation of the proper windows and doors helps to eliminate air infiltration and water leaks.  Three primary factors influence a window’s energy performance:

  • FRAMES – Thermally improved aluminum, construction-wood clad with aluminum, or fiberglass provide for longer life and lower maintenance,
  • GLASS – An investment in high-performance, low-e glass improves efficiency, and
  • SPACER MATERIAL – Separates individual panes of glass and improves energy efficiency.

FRC can help you create a building with LEEDs credits, meeting or exceeding challenges of today and more stringent codes of tomorrow. We can help ensure that you are adding GREEN elements through your project’s windows and doors and their installation.

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