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    Located in Golden, Colorado, FRC provides product and installation services throughout the Front Range and neighboring mountain states.  Not in the Rocky Mountain region? Please contact us to discuss details of your project; we can match our expertise with your project, regardless of your project location.

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    Front Range Commercial Windows and Doors is your one-stop shop for fenestration.  Are you faced with the unique challenges of historic window replication?  Perhaps, you’re challenged with the innovative designs of new construction and energy efficiency requirements?  Our team will help you create a competitive advantage in the marketplace, whatever the need.

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    The FRC team works closely with you on your project from start to finish, partnering to bring your project in on time and within budget.  With a focus on small to medium projects, FRC has won work within many business segments including education, military, government, public and private funded commercial projects.


GREEN or sustainable building refers to a structure or process that is environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building’s life cycle: from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition.
- Ji and Plainiotis (2006)

From a GREEN building standpoint, windows rank second only to the design of an HVAC system in overall technology and complexity.  Heating, cooling and lighting consume 67% of all the electricity that’s generated.  High performance windows and doors can offset large amounts of heat loss, increase u-value and visible light,  and  lower overall R-values on the building envelope.  Correct installation of the proper windows and doors helps to eliminate air infiltration and water leaks.  Three primary factors influence a window’s energy performance:

  • FRAMES – Thermally improved aluminum, construction-wood clad with aluminum, or fiberglass provide for longer life and lower maintenance,
  • GLASS – An investment in high-performance, low-e glass improves efficiency, and
  • SPACER MATERIAL – Separates individual panes of glass and improves energy efficiency.

FRC can help you create a building with LEEDs credits, meeting or exceeding challenges of today and more stringent codes of tomorrow. We can help ensure that you are adding GREEN elements through your project’s windows and doors and their installation.


FRC has worked in a variety of commercial settings providing operable and fixed windows, store-front and curtain wall systems, and door and entry systems. We coordinate drawings, design, and installation partnering with owners, architects, general contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers.


FRC can assist you with your fenestration needs from the very start of your project in the design phase, through the bidding process, construction, and closing. Regardless of where you are in your project time-line, our team can add expertise for architectural design, consulting, procurement, installation and/or custom applications like RESTORATION, HISTORIC REPLICATION, HIGH PERFORMANCE/ENERGY EFFICIENCY, BLAST MITIGATION, ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS, and THINKING GREEN.
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  • Historic Replication

    HISTORIC REPLICATION of properties always presents unique challenges. Our solution driven approach meets the complex demands of both architecture and construction professionals. We work closely with historical preservationists to ensure adherence to standards. FRC’s long history of providing fenestration solutions to historic buildings will give you the confidence you need to tackle these exacting projects. Our longstanding relationship with our manufacturing partners allows us to match products, processes, and performance to historic requirements.

  • Replacement & New Construction

    RESTORATION often presents hidden obstacles demanding special attention and creative solutions. FRC’s long history of dealing with these trials can add the experience needed to complete your project on time and on budget. CODE COMPLIANCE and LEEDS APPLICATIONS knowledge allows our team to help yours. Our design group can help you achieve creative solutions for those hard-to-fit openings while maintaining the desired site lines and building codes. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to optimize the quality and look of your restoration.

  • High Performance/Energy Efficiency

    HIGH PERFORMANCE/ENERGY EFFICIENCY in the competitive marketplace requires flexibility and efficiency. We can build your advantage, ensuring the precision and performance you expect. QUICK QUOTE turnaround, SHOP DRAWING evaluation, and FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING ensure success. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has standardized energy efficiency for window manufacturers which includes U-FACTORS, SOLAR HEAT GAIN COEFFICIENTS, VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMITTANCE, AIR & WATER INFILTRATION and CONDENSATION RESISTANCE.

  • Blast Mitigation

    BLAST MITIGATION provides protection against terrorist acts for all inhabited Federal and first responder buildings, which are those facilities that must remain mission operational during periods of national crises (UFC 4-010-01). At the state level, Colorado codes must also provide for the safety of facilities in the marijuana industry. Let our team assist you in providing protection through glazing, frame design, and anchorage. We can also assist with specifications, design loads, stand-off distance, structural systems and compliance.

  • Acoustic Solutions

    ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS will not only increase your occupants’ satisfaction with the property, but it will also gain you LEEDs points in your “green” rating. The FRC team will work with you to ensure minimizing external noise by maximizing the STC rating (Sound Transmission Class – the higher the number, the better). Upgrade your tenant or guest experiences, particularly on lower levels, by reducing city noise and distractions, and create an environment that’s comfortable and energy efficient.

  • Think Green

    GREEN thinking can make your project a win-win for the owner, the occupants, and the environment. Windows and doors as well as the entire building envelope contribute to “greener” commercial buildings. GBI (Green Building Initiative) offers Green Globes certification programs for commercial buildings. USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) is the world’s most widely used and recognized green building rating system, LEEDs.

  • Bid & Quote

    Our team of experts takes pride in the bid process and quoting as accurately as possible.

  • Design & Draw

    Our design team works closely with you and the manufacturer to ensure that the product you chose will work for your project.


  • Install & Warranty

    Our experienced window and door installation crews are experts at installing windows and glazing.




  • Joe Morris



    Joe has been in the construction industry since 1976 and is a veteran in the window and door business.  Joe is our Chief Executive Officer works closely with both estimators and the project managers.

  • Zack Tamminga



    A graduate of Colorado State University, Zack, our Chief Operations Officer, lends his many years of construction experience to FRC in managing our project team from pre-construction through close-out.

  • Peter Zbranek

    Cool Dude

    VP- Head of Project Management

    Peter provides AutoCAD architectural drawings and project management for FRC.  He is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design in Architecture.

  • Henry Young

    Car Dude

    Project Manager

    With many years of experience in both residential and commercial; Henry is a valuable new member of the FRC team. As a project manager he will be working closely with upcoming projects.

  • Shawn Zimmerman


    VP of Estimating

    Shawn joined the FRC team in June of 2016 with 16 years of experience in doors and hardware.  With an interest in Mechanical Engineering and Photography, Shawn is your main contact for bids and quotes.

  • Kim Stone

    Money Chick

    VP Admin

    Kim heads up the FRC accounting and bookkeeping functions, processing payables and receivables, payroll and information verification and financial reporting.

  • Lindsey Simons


    Lindsey Simons – Office Manager

    Lindsey  is the team’s traffic controller and keeper of documents.  Lindsey directs call traffic, prequalifications, reporting requirements, invoice processing and project close outs.

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